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Embe is an Afro-Caribbean restaurant created by Nick Rutta, a noted and established chef who has been cooking this style of cuisine for over 16 consecutive years. With his own special sauces and a combination of African and Caribbean ingredients.

Nick has formulated his very own dishes and drawn inspiration from his own background as well as other parts of Africa and the Caribbean. The name Embe is the Swahili word for mango, a versatile fruit that often features within much of his cooking.

You will find that Embe as a whole embodies soul food and soul music, particularly featuring the popular genres of reggae and jazz. But great food and great music demand the accompaniment of delicious drinks, so Embe features Red Stripe beer, a range of tropical cocktails and, of course, a series of palatable wines. Most importantly, Embe is welcome to all: couples, families, and celebratory groups of all types and sizes. Come along to 36 Cowgate in the centre of Peterborough and let us cook especially for you — we guarantee this food won't be anything like your mama's cooking, but it will definitely always be something to come back for.

Don't forget to come along with a smile too!

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